Vinyl Packaging for Records
Limited Edition, Collector Box Sets
Vinyl Books, Mixed Media Sets, Albums, LPs

If you are looking to make vinyl packaging for your upcoming record release, you’ve come to the right place! Although we don’t actually make vinyl records, we do make deluxe vinyl sets, hardcover vinyl books, LPs, and limited edition, collector box sets. If you happen to need other types of media such as cds, dvds, usbs, books, posters, etc., we can make that for you too.

Vinyl Packaging Options

Limited Edition Releases

Special releases wrapped in leather, linen, embossed or foil stamped, maybe serial numbers.

Make it special.

LP Collector Sets

Bundle together titles with a side loading slipcase, or put them in a special Collector Edition Box with a fancy bow.

We’ve got ways…

Video Player

Want to embed a video player screen in your book? Or in the lid of a box? We’ll program it for your menu.

Take the concert home.

Vinyl Books

Hardcover Books 12×12″ish size, options to hold multiple records and discs in swinging sleeves or glued on pockets.

What does your book hold?

Mixed Media Sets

Custom cut foam walls to hold speciality items like cassettes or books along with your vinyl LP.

What goes in your set?

Vinyl Album LPs

Right facing, top loading, double LP, inner sleeves with some fun options like vellum or black matte.

Whatever you have in mind.

Vinyl Book & CD Slipcase Set

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MegaGroup’s Vinyl Record Packaging

Types of Vinyl Packaging

Hardcover Vinyl Books
Deluxe Boxes
BlueNote LPs
Slipcase Sets

Media Manufacturing

Discs (CD, DVD, BluRay)
Embedded Video Players

Specialty Printing &

Linen & Leather Wraps
Vellum Inner Sleeves
Foil Stamping & Embossing
Spot Gloss/Matte Lam