If you are ready to release your record collection as deluxe, limited edition vinyl box sets, we have fantastic options for you. Perhaps you would like a two-piece box set, top & bottom, with a ribbon lift out for the records in LP covers. Or maybe you prefer a hinged set with fold out sleeves. We can also do a folded box in case you would like to house other retail items inside such as a shirt. Sideloading slipcase sets are options too! Finish any of them with a beautiful full color wrap or a special material, such as linen or leather.

Vinyl Box Sets Features

Vinyl Box Sets
Outside Wraps

The chipboard is usually wrapped with a printed paper. Lamination is part of the construction process and you can choose matte lamination or glossy. Alternately, we can use a material to wrap the book instead of paper, such as fabric or leather. Linen is very popular and can be silkscreened or foil stamped. Leather is another option, but can only be foil stamped or debossed.

  • Full color printed wrap
    Matte or Glossy lamination
  • Linen wrap
  • Leather (vegan) wrap

Vinyl Box Sets
Inside Options

The inside of the box is wrapped with paper as well, to cover up the chipboard. The paper wrap can be full color printed, or it can be a solid color like black. A black matte paper gives the book a classic, scrapbook feel. You may also want to create a kraft, sepia tone wrap if you are going vintage. Another option (great for mixed media like cassettes) is to use foam to line the book panels with cut out wells. Us

  • Printed paper 4C
  • Solid black matte paper
  • Foam walls with wells

2 Piece or 1 Piece Hinged
Vinyl Box Sets

Vinyl Boxes can be a 2 piece set (top & bottom lid) or they can be 1 piece hinged. You can either put the records loose inside (packaged in paper sleeves or LP covers), or we can build in some sleeves for you. The inner sleeves are frequently referred to as hanging or swinging sleeves and are held firm with rivets. The sleeves can be solid or have a die cut center and notch at the top.

  • Printed inner pages, 4pp increments
  • Swinging sleeves for records and/or discs

Side Loading Slipcase
Vinyl Box Sets

We manufacture side loading vinyl boxes to hold multiple records. The spine width requirement to make these with a chipboard core is about 8-9mm. These boxes can be 4C or wrapped with materials.

An alternative is a thick artcard (about 350gsm) printed full color.

  • Chipboard Version
    • Full color printed & laminated
    • Linen wrap
    • Leather (vegan) wrap
    • Fabric Paper Wrap
  • ArtCard Version
    • Full color print
    • Lamination option
Vinyl Boxes Side Loading SLipcase Chipboard core, linen wrapped

Fly Sheets & Special Paper

Fly sheets are special pages that go out the outside of the booklet, in other words, between the end panels and main inner pages. Popular choices are solid black matte or vellum for a vintage look.

  • Printed fly sheets
  • Solid black fly sheets
  • Vellum

Folding Vinyl Boxes
for Retail Items

If you would like to include some bulkier items in with your records such as a t-shirt, or a sports items. a folding box may be a good option for you. These have the benefit of shipping flat which reduces shipping cost for the boxes to get to you.

  • Holds a variety of different items
  • Foam inserts available
  • Folds flat
  • Available 4C
  • Lamination options
Folding Box for Retail items

Bells &

We have some really fun add-on options:

  • Ribbons are very handy for lifting out items
  • String ties
  • Magnets for a snap close
  • Velcro tabs to keep books snugly closed
  • Slipcases to bundle items together
  • Special effects printing

LP Covers &
Inner Sleeves

We also make LP covers complete with Inner Sleeves. The album covers can be single 2pp sleeves, or bifold 4pp, or have a swinging sleeve. Inner sleeves can be solid white or black, or printed. Die cut center holes available.

  • 2pp Album Cover
  • 4pp Bifold Album
  • Top or Horizontal Pockets
  • Inner sleeves white, black or printed
  • Die cut center hole options

Media Manufacturing

We manufacture optical media and can make all of your glass mastered discs as well as usb drives. We also make LCD video screens embedded in packaging.

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