Hardcover vinyl books are approximately 12×12″ in size and made to hold vinyl records and if desired, other types of media such as cds, dvd discs, or download cards. We make them with a rigid chipboard core that is wrapped with a full color (4C print) and laminated, or we can wrap it with a material like linen or leather. Vinyl books are made with a process that is called book binding and it is a very old-school technology. There is no easy way to mass-produce these. We use offset printing presses to make a high quality print, and dies to help with cutting and consistent gluing, but really each book is hand crafted and made with the details you want. That means you can customize any aspect you’d like such as size, materials, papers, printing, media, etc. Minimum order is 300 units.

Vinyl Books Features

Vinyl Books
Cover Options

The chipboard is usually wrapped with a printed paper. Lamination is part of the construction process and you can choose matte lamination or glossy. Alternately, we can use a material to wrap the book instead of paper, such as fabric or leather. Linen is very popular and can be silkscreened or foil stamped. Leather is another option, but can only be foil stamped or debossed.

  • Full color printed wrap
    Matte or Glossy lamination
  • Linen wrap
  • Leather (vegan) wrap

Options for Inside the Covers of Vinyl Books

The inside of the book is wrapped with paper as well, to cover up the chipboard. The paper wrap can be full color printed, or it can be a solid color like black. A black matte paper gives the book a classic, scrapbook feel. You may also want to create a kraft, sepia tone wrap if you are going vintage. Another option (great for mixed media like cassettes) is to use foam to line the book panels with cut out wells.

  • Printed paper 4C
  • Solid black matte paper
  • Foam walls with wells

Vinyl Books Inner
Pages & Sleeves

Vinyl Books can have printed inner pages just like a traditional coffee-table books (as many as you want), or the pages can be a thicker stock material holding vinyl records, or some combination of them both. The inner sleeves are frequently referred to as hanging or swinging sleeves and are held firm with rivets. The sleeves can be solid or have a die cut center and notch at the top.

  • Printed inner pages, 4pp increments
  • Swinging sleeves for records and/or discs

Fly Sheets & Special Paper

Fly sheets are special pages that go out the outside of the booklet, in other words, between the end panels and main inner pages. Popular choices are solid black matte or vellum for a vintage look.

  • Printed fly sheets
  • Solid black fly sheets
  • Vellum

Bells &

We have some really fun add-on options:

  • Ribbons are very handy for lifting out items
  • String ties
  • Magnets for a snap close
  • Velcro tabs to keep books snugly closed
  • Slipcases to bundle items together
  • Special effects printing

Media Manufacturing

We manufacture optical media and can make all of your glass mastered discs as well as usb drives. We also make LCD video screens in packaging.

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